2011 / 2020
– “Œuvre Blanche” solo 2020, Château des Terrasses, Cap d’Ail Fr

– “A Tale of Two Cities“ Magic in LA 2018, LACMA & Bonhams, LA
– “A Tale of Two Cities“ Magic of Monaco 2018, Kamil Gallery & Yacht Club, Monaco
– “Elemental“ Summer Exhibition 2018 at the Cotswold Sculpture Park, Cirencester, Glos. UK
– “Éloquence des Particules” solo 2017, Chapelle Sancta Maria de Olivo, Beaulieu-sur-Mer
– “Legs of a Goddess” an itinerary performance in six acts 2016, Paca France
– “A Rose is a Rose” group exhibition 2016, Krankenhaus Waldfriede, Berlin.
– “70 ans de l’umam”, group show 2016, Musée des Beaux Arts, Palais de Carnolès, Menton Fr
– “Eight in the South Three in the North” solo 2015: an installation, Galerie Depardieu, Nice France
– “brèves en Suite” solo 2015: WindsoR & Les Visiteurs du Soir (Botoxs), Nice Fr
– “murmures de sous-bois” solo 2015: Olivier & Elisabeth Renard, Beaulieu-sur-Mer Fr
– “Art-n-Food”, group show 2015: installation, Espace Muséal Château Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France
– Arts Libris 2015, art fair, Centre d’Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
– Exposition collective 2014, Galerie Depardieu, Nice France
– Tinai EcoFilm Festival 2014, Goa, India
– Present Company Excluded : Or the Disposability of the Decisive Moment, Santa Fe College, Gainesville Florida
– “Cosmopolitis” Galerie Depardieu 2013, Nice France
– “Something Special” exhibition and auction 2013, Blackall Gallery, Shoreditch, London
– Arts Libris 2013, Art Fair, Centre d’Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
– Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2012, London
– Magic of Persia 2012, Salsali Private Museum, Dubai
– Arts Libris 2012, Art Fair, Centre d’Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
– “Takhteh” part of Visual Haikus, VideoArt screened in:
.  Hidden Cities 2012, Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association, Istanbul, Turkey
.  Ruoli Segreti e Ruoli Proibiti 2012, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy
– Arts Libris 2011, Art Fair, Centre d’Arts Santa Monica, (TBarbara ed.), Barcelona, engravings
– ARBS member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors
– “Take Off : décollage d’un rêve” part of Visual Haikus, VideoArt screened in :
.  Container Space 2011, George Mason University Campus, Art and Design Building, in Fairfax, USA
.  Festival Internacional de la Imagen 2011, in Auditorium Olympia, Manizales Caldas, Colombia
.  Zelena dvorana 2011, exhibition in Zabok, Croatia
.  Fonlad 07 – 2011, Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal

2000 / 2010
– Rose Issa Projects, London, group show 2010: “Winter Display”, presentation of “In the Garden of the Hesperides” etchings
– Arts Libris 2010, Centre d’Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
– ArtistBook International 2010, Centre Pompidou, Paris France (Tristan Barbara Ed) :
.   “Les Fleurs qui m’ont fait du Bien”, etchings
– Estampa 2010, CirculoDelArte, Madrid
– “La Couleur de l’Eau” part of Visual Haikus, VideoArt screened in:
.   Ojo al Sancocho Festival 2010, in Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá, Colombia
.   Liquid Cities 2010, Limousine VideoArt Festival (International ArtExpo), London, United Kingdom
.   Sleepwalkers Short Film Festival 2010, Tallinn, Estonia
.   Streaming Festival 2010, The Hague, The Netherlands
.   Torun Short Film Festival 2010, Torun, Poland
– “Les Fleurs qui m’ont fait du Bien”, etchings in Circulo del Arte 2009, Barcelona
. and reviewed under “Alaleh Alamir” in Circulo del Arte magazine nº57
– “ramesseum medical papyri”, a virtual performance in three acts 2009
– “A Persian Allegory of the Cave”, a critical essay by Alaleh Alamir
.   published as part of “Dissident Voices” in NuktaArt magazine vol. 4, 2009
– “Different Sames, New Perspectives in Contemporary Iranian Art”, edited by Hossein Amirsadeghi, published by Thames and Hudson, London
– “The Makings and Unmakings of the Self in Contemporary Iranian Painting .. Alaleh Alamir : Transcendence and Immanence”
.   by Robert Lawrence, published in NuktaArt magazine vol. 2, 2007
– “Liberté” 2007 Festimago, Nice France
– “Les Fleurs qui m’ont fait du Bien”, a bibliophile edition 2006, Tristan Barbara Editions, Barcelona, Spain
– “Be Yade Bade Saba : Remembering the Lovers Wind” a teleperformance, Tehran Art and Cultural Center
– “Underwave” published in “Azul Mediterraneo” 2005 edition of Salamandria literary magazine, Almeria Spain
– “Fleurs” 2005 in Westminster, Nice France
– “pastels” 2005 in Galerie Chaméléon, Antibes France
– “coma”, an epistolary performance in 12 acts, 2004
– “El Azucar de mi Boda” published in “Sal y Azucar” 2004 edition of Salamandria literary magazine, Almeria Spain
– Vox Urbana, Nice, group show: “Le Capo” presentation of AKNA, painting
– Centre Baha’i, Nice, group show: paintings
– A.I.A.P de Monaco, solo: “La Fonction Intemporelle de l’Artiste”, paintings and conference
– A.I.A.P de Monaco, group show: “Du Réel au Virtuel et de la Nature à l’Oeuvre” , presentation of Madar, installation
– Galerie de la Marine, Musées de Nice, France, solo: “SA’AT : Les Heures”, installation and paintings
– A.I.A.P de Monaco, group show : “Nouveaux Paysages” presentation of “Naft : l’Age de l’Or Noir”, painting

1979 / 1999
– A.I.A.P de Monaco, group show: “Méditerranée Hic et Nunc” presentation of “Aqua-Iris y Pergamino”, installation
– Espahana, S.Pedro de Alcantara, Spain, solo: drawings
– Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain, group show
– Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran, solo: “Sarzamin-é-Ma : Nostra Terra”, paintings
– Centre d’Art La Rectoria, Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Spain, group show
– G. de Palau, Girona, Spain, group show : “Homenatge a l’arbre” presentation of “El Cipres I”, drawing
– La Ruïna, Palamos, Spain, solo: “Cometa : el Triangulo”, installation
– McInterface, Houston, Texas, solo: “Agua .. Fuego”, paintings
– Galeria Helena Ramos, Cadaques, Spain, group show: paintings
– “Extraits d’un Journal de Voyage: What is Black and White is Far and Near”, solo in Galerie Perquis, Paris FR
– Grenzgange, Hamburg, Germany, solo: “What we are looking for” installation, performance and video
– Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, Fluxus group performance: “Poem for chairs, tables, benches, etc..” piece by LaMonte Young
– Silvia Bernardini, Rome, Italy, solo: drawings
– Jamison Thomas Gallery, New York, NY, two persons exhibit: “Still Life”, paintings
– Galeria Principal, La Romana, Dominican Rep, group show : drawings
– C.I.A.C, Paris, France, group show: paintings
– Civilization Gallery, New York, NY : “The Pyrrhic Age”, performance with Erik Derkatsch
– Vollum Gallery, Portland, Oregon, solo: “On the Walls with Spears”, paintings
– American Center in Paris, France, group show: photographs

2020 – Œuvre Blanche, Clip 05min05 Video
2011 – Takhteh, Visual Haikus 6min24 video
2009 –  A l’Orée de mon Rêve, Visual Haikus 3min40 video
            Jamais je n’oublierai, Visual Haikus 3min video
2008 – Fisher Train, Visual Haikus 1min13 video
           TakeOff, Visual Haikus 3min20 video
            Les Batisseurs, Visual Haikus 5min video
            La Source, Visual Haikus 6min30 video
2006 – Séminaire, Visual Haikus 1min40 video
            La Couleur de l’Eau, Visual Haikus 3min23 video
1990 – Dix et Un Jours en Bohème 30 min. video
1989 – Sans Titre 12 min. video
1983 –  I dreamt that Castles lounge 20 min. super 8
1980 – James Ward on the Clackamas 20 min. super 8

Sri Patanjala, Mysore, India (2006 – 2007)
Taller Barbarà, Barcelona, Spain (2006)
Fundación Valparaíso, Mójacar, Spain (1998)
H.I. Devt, Puerto Rico (1996)
Centre d’Art La Rectoria, Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Spain (1994)
Altos de Chavon, Dominican Rep. (1986)
Helena Rubinstein Foundation, New York (1984 – 1986)

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1987 – New York University, New York, NY
            Accepted in the Doctorate of Painting program.
            Thesis subject : Numerical Systems and Colour Perception
1986 – M.F.A. Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
            master of Fine Arts, Thesis: The Colour White,
            an esoteric research  on colours written in poetry

1982 – B.A. Reed College, Portland, Oregon
            Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts Thesis: On the Walls with Spears,      
            abstract compositions based on dreams,
 an  experimental and theoretical research

1979-80 – Portland Museum Film School, Portland Museum Art School